TIA Gann Swing Indicator


This indicator is a mechanical tool that tells the user exactly what the market trend is at any time, based on the teachings of Legendary trader, Mr. William D. Gann. He called this tool the "Trendline Indicator", but it has popularly become known as the "Swing Chart" by present-day traders.

In October 1909, Richard Wyckoff watched Gann for 25 market days (the markets traded on Saturdays back then), where Gann made 286 trades, both long and short. Two hundred sixty-four (264) of these trades were profits. The Swing Chart was Gann's primary trading tool helping him achieve these phenomenal trading results.

This is definitely one of the most profitable tools at your disposal. Because tools are only as good as our reasons and methods for using them we recommend checking the video introduction available on YouTube.

For more in-depth and up-to-date information, we invite you to join TIA Discord community. If you've joined already, continue to the Discord channel #tia-gann-indicator where you can get indicator-related help, tips, and tricks.

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