TIA Gann Swing Indicator


This indicator, now available to you in TradingView, automatically displays the swing chart and trend on any timeframe.

Selecting Show Trend, will light the background of the chart up, showing if the trend is Up, Down, or Uncertain.

The indicator is also fully customizable to display Break Lines, which indicate potential trend changes ahead of time.

Additional features include data about each bar and swing to give the user vital information, and the data points currently available include.

Bar Type

This indicator selection allows the user to identify precisely what each bar is, as per WD Gann's Instructions. Each of the 4 bar types includes: Up bars, Down bars, Inside bars, Outside bars.


Displaying the date of swing tops and bottoms allows the user to stay on top of significant announcements and events in the economy. Often, market reversals occur right around critical economic events.


This indicator selection allows the user to identify the time of the swing tops and swing bottoms. Designed for intra-day traders, this setting displays the exact time of tops and bottoms on any timeframe to help stay ahead of any important announcement.


Price analysis is critical for every technical analyst, and displaying the price of swing tops and bottoms allows the trader or investor to stay on top of essential pivot points in the market. Identifying potential support and resistance levels keeps traders ahead of the herd.


Identifying each swing's price range gives the trader or investor critical information. Have you ever wondered if a market is gaining momentum or losing momentum? Knowing if price ranges are expanding or contracting is key, and this setting quickly displays what every swing range is doing.

Bar Count

What is the average number of bars up or down? Markets can only move in one direction for so many bars before a reversal. Simply displaying the number of bars between each swing gives the analyst valuable insights into overbought or oversold trends. Gann's famous "7-10 bar" rule identifies potential reversals, and this simple indicator setting can help any market participant stay ahead of the pack.

The TIA Gann Swing Indicator is an indicator that EVERY trader & investor should have at their fingertips. It is critical for long-term investors and short-term traders to know the trend of their market and vital information about the upswings and downswings. The TIA Gann Swing Indicator is the indicator to help.